Help! Can't decide on First FPV setup


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I'm about ready to pull the trigger on an fpv setup but i need some help making up my mind (attitude v2, quanum v2, headplay). Dominators are beyond what i'm willing to spend for my first setup.

1. Attitude V2 combo - has everything; seems like a good goggle; concerned about limitations of included rx,vtx, camera. MUCH more portable, less cumbersome
2. Headplay - can pick my own vtx, rx, camera; limited availability; concerned about other reports of screen being too big
3. Quanum v2 - seems like a great budget option to headplay, but can't find comparison reviews online; seems like a cheaper headplay experience, 200 cheaper - good enough to get me something similiar and dive all in on next generation of goggles. freedom to pick rx, vtx, camera;

For the other stuff, am thinking:

as for antennae, is there really a difference between generic and the name brand stuff?
planning for: Bluebeam RHCP

unless someone can make a better rec.


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If it where me, Id be torn between a skyzone V1 goggle as a high end solution and the quanum for a low cost entry solution. Both are worth their money, but only you can decide if they are worth it to you. Ive not tried the headplay, but I can definitely believe they are too big for many. With fatshark, you pay too much for the name badge (decent comparison here:

As for antenna's; there is a big difference between a good and a badly tuned antenna, and there are good and terrible antenna's among the generic no name stuff. Its a bit of a lottery. But considering you can buy about half a dozen sets on banggood for the price of that bluebeam, its lottery that has quite good odds ;). Added advantage: you have spares, and you'll need them sooner or later.


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I have the first Quanum goggles set and it was worth the price. I am looking into upgrading to the V2. As ZoomNBoom said, your FPV experience also depends on the rest of your FPV setup.


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i think i'm gonna go with quantum v2 to make sure this is something i'll love - if it is, i can always make this a ride-along box.

Anyone have a recommendation for a good generic RHCP antenna?


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On this you probably will probably want the 2.8mm Lens option for a wider field of view. It's not the default so make sure to select it if that is what you want. Seems like they are out of stock in the US warehouse unfortunately. Maybe you can find a separate lens

This one is supposed to work it seems
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I would suggest going with the Headplay's as your video goggles over the other two because it has the highest resolution, the receiver is built in, it's compatible with Boscam, ImmersionRC, and Fatshark, and it has the largest field of view. For the antennas I would suggest the ImmersionRC RHCP 5.8 GHz SpiroNET antenna's or the ImmersionRC LHCP 5.8 GHz SpiroNET antenna's. For the transmitter I would suggest the Immersion RC 5.8GHz 600mw transmitter (You will need a HAM technician class license to operate it legally in the United States) And finally for the camera, it comes down to whether you want to record your flights or not as well as how much your willing to spend. If you want to record your flights and don't want to spend too much money I would suggest the Mobius Action Camera (Wide angle lens) because you can fly through it as well as record your flights at the same time. Hope this helps!
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Well it's now a good three weeks from the first post, so imagine the decision has been made. But what surprised me is no one suggested anything other than 5.8?


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OP suggested three complete 5.8 systems and a forth combo of individual parts (the radio gear being on . . . you guessed it, 5.8), didn't list any special requirements that would need a different band . . . why would anyone have suggested a different band?


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I bought a camera & transmitter listed on the original post - but have not pulled the trigger on goggles yet. I think I've decided against quanum/headplay solely due to the awkwardness/transportability issue. I've decided to be patient and await reviews on the new fatshark dominator v3 and attitude v3 when they come out in the next few weeks and get one of those. Both are modular and would allow me to switch to 1.3, 2.4, 5.8 down the road if I wanted - and I may, eventually, but I'm not ready to also buy dragonlink, ezuhf, etc just yet for control.

With information available, which isn't much, I really can't decide between att v3 and dom v3.

Plan is to get work out the kinks with FPV on a quad, and then put a camera/tx in the FT Explorer when it comes out.