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Help DTFB is warping after painting


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I am trying to paint flat sheets of Dollar Tree foam board. I am trying to dry brush acrylic very lightly and thinly. I thought about diluting it with 91% rubbing alcohol, but I think the paper on the foam board is shrinking after it drys and warping the board. Spray paint gets through the paper and eats the foam. I have to imagine that the paper is going to react like this to anything wet.

Any Ideas?


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Coat the DTFB with oil based minwax first. Wipe it on to get the paper wet and then wipe off the excess. This will seal the paper and allow you to use any type of paint. Even with this I have found that on surfaces that are only 1 layer of foam like the elevator that it is best to paint both sides at the same time to prevent warping. You can search through the articles as there are several on this s topic. Hope that helps!


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I know that jpot1 already answered your question, but i just have a suggestion. I use teslors hobby paint. It doesn't warp the foam or paper at all, You can even lightly spray it on bar foam (without paper) and it doesn't melt it. I get it at local craft stores like Hobbylobby and A.C.moore.


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Next time you build try removing all of the paper from the outside of the design. If structural strength is related to the paper then paint the paperless outer surface with white wood glue and when dry apply your finish coats.

The white glue when dry adds more strength than you lose when you remove the paper and allows you to use almost any paint to finish the model. It also can be lightly sanded.

This is the cheapest method I know and can provide a beautiful, almost mirror like, finish with a little hard work.