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  1. Noel Gillett

    FT Mini Arrow - Toyota Supra A90 Skin

    I have always wanted to see how I can contribute to the growing Flite Test Community. With my own intrinsic motivation, I wanted to know how to create custom skins for RC foamies. Through months of research and practice (at leisure), I have been able to develop a Toyota Supra A90 Skin for the FT...
  2. Tench745

    Plane McB Small Spirit 2.2

    A 46" wingspan FT style Spirit of St Louis. Not Swappable. Uses a 2826 1400kv motor and 2000mah 2S. Version two has the enlarged tail surfaces but has not been test flown in this configuration. Radial engine and other decals are not included in this release. Wing struts and scale landing gear...
  3. Jonny Gum

    Super Light 3D Foam Board Profile Plane for indoor and outdoor Insanity!

    If you’ve never seen or heard of one of these lightweight 3D planes, look up a video of the Twisted Hobbies Crack Laser. These models pack a huge performance into a small plane! However, some of these airframes will run you over 80$... so to save some money, but still get insane performance...
  4. Jonny Gum

    Foam Board Stearman Scratch Build- Plans Coming Soon!

    So I have always been around the real Stearman because my grandfather restores and flies them. I decided to make the Stearman because I had a balsa wood kit lying around for a rubber band powered model. I took the plans to Staples and got them scaled up to a 40 inch wingspan and built it. The...
  5. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! Need Help to Build 1524 mm (60") Search And Rescue C-130 J-30 LRF/FPV

    I've sat here waiting to buy equipment for my two Standard size DTFB planes with an idea in my head. I want to seriously build a usable Search and Rescue aircraft with the following capabilities. 1. Large Cargo Aircraft/Heavy Lifter. a. Large Usable Cargo Bay. b. Controllable Multiple Cargo...
  6. nebraskatrevor

    HOME BUILT CO2 LASER FOR DTFB (lots of pics)

    I thought I would share a few pictures of the laser build that I completed recently. When I began with flite test planes only a few months ago I knew quickly that I wanted a way to cut out my own planes from the plans that they so generously provide for each of their new releases. I have a CNC...
  7. N

    First custom build

    Hey guys just finished this custom wing what do you guys think? Tx for scale 153cm wing span
  8. Archimedian

    Aluminum sheeted P51-D foamie.

    Howdy. What we are going to have here is a DTFB/purple foam/balsa composite build with full aluminum foil sheeting. Other features are aluminum tube for control surface hinges, aluminum tube suspension, and a belly exhaust vent. Wingspan: 36" Predicted weight: 400grams The wing is built on...
  9. bpw823

    36" Fiat CR. 42 Falco

    While I've been waiting on parts for my Hot-wire cutter for my JU-52 project, I've decided to take on a home project- The CR. 42 Falco has been a magnet to my eye for quite some time now, and ever since I built my Brewster Buffalo, I knew I'd want one as its adversary. I followed a very...
  10. tmack

    Help DTFB is warping after painting

    I am trying to paint flat sheets of Dollar Tree foam board. I am trying to dry brush acrylic very lightly and thinly. I thought about diluting it with 91% rubbing alcohol, but I think the paper on the foam board is shrinking after it drys and warping the board. Spray paint gets through the...
  11. L

    63" DC-3/C53-D

    Hello everyone! I recently got into scratchbuilding airplanes out of foamboard (or kapaboard as we Europeans know it). First I built a FT Simple Storch and having flown it for some time now I decided to build myself another one. I wanted to try making a two engine plane and DC3 was a perfect...
  12. Sunspot369

    Flattening warped foamboard

    It seems that finding nice flat foamboard is pretty rare, but I've come up with a nifty solution. Buy a full case of twenty-five sheets, and when you get home take out every other sheet, turn it around, and put it back in the same "slot" it came from. Now the warps are working against each...
  13. N

    DLG Show

    Hi Guys, you all make an amazing show. Love to watch it. I was thinking, no one out there seems to have come up with a good DLG out of DTFB. It is something that I am trying to figure out and I think might be a very fun project. In terms of the plane, I am trying to figure out a short bodied...
  14. O

    ROSS Foam Board Review

    Full Article Here: http://flitetest.com/articles/ross-foam-board Don't forget to rate it!! Thanks. When walking the isles of the craft store or surfing the web searching for the perfect foam board, there are a multitude of options to choose from. How do you decide? What makes them different...
  15. O


    My buddy has an eFlite Apprentice with the float set and it's just awesome, so I found some DIY floats and slapped them on a FT Storch and we both headed to the lake. The sad little floats I made worked but not well and I wanted a better experience with the DTFB price tag. Here's a quick video...
  16. R

    New FPV Scratch Build!

    Hi everyone! I'm a longtime lurker of the FT forums and for my first post I thought I would share my new scratch build design, a currently unnamed FPV pusher: My goal for this plane was to create as efficient a design as I could make out of DTFB for mid range FPV flying while still retaining...
  17. DankCatnip

    Cutting DTFB with a Dremel?

    Hello! This is my first post on the FT Forums, so excuse me if I may mess up here and there. I was wondering, would anybody happen to have any effective DTFB cutting methods using a Dremel?
  18. F

    DTFB FPV Platform

    Good evening Community. I'm working on a new fpv platform based off of a design I found in an article on FT by dharkless. http://flitetest.com/articles/one-sheet-no-waste-twin-tail-boom-3-build It has a 60in wingspan and is designed to house a 2-axis gimbal up underneath the nose for my...
  19. SeattleNiteFlite

    A Freestyle Simple Trainer from scratch

    I just put this model together. It is partly inspired by the Fieseler Storch and the such in proportion. It is foam board with a swappable power pod, and a tail section from a folded (over weight foam board & wrong prop/motor)FT 3D on this, as it was handy and fit the airframe. I may still trim...
  20. P

    Moving to Fiji

    Hi all, I'm moving to Fiji in a couple of months from the States and I am looking for any info on RC flying in Fiji. Clubs, Local Hobby shops, governmental regulations, HobbyKing Shipping into Fiji. any insight is appreciated cause I love my FT planes. I am aware I will not be able to build...