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Help!!! im not even sure what my problem is other than my quad falls out of the sky!

So I can take off. But then when I go above or below mid throttle-ish, it decides to flip over. First I thought it was the gyro. Then the esc because I realized they had different versions flashed. Now I'm suspicious of one of the motors because it feels looser than the rest. But when I test the motors from betaflight, they all work fine, with very little vibration. I can only see the issue when I actually try to fly, not even with the props off from my tx. So i'm not even sure which motor it is, if thats the problem. (started happening after a very minor crash)



Eternal Student
Is it always the same arm that drops? I had a similar situation that was caused by a bad motor. Under load (props on) and over half throttle and it would stop. Could also be the ESC though, the easy way to tell would be to swap 2 motors and see if the problem follows or remains on the same corner. If it follows the motor it's a bad motor, if it stays it's the ESC.