Help needed, binding a spectrum dx6i with inductrix fpv+


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i am unable to bind my dx6i to the inductrix fpv+. I followed the instruction, exactly. But the blue led on the main pc, does not stop flashing. The flashing blue led on the back of the quad, goes from flashing blue to solid red. If I switch the "GEAR" switch(the one near the Trainer SWITCH), The solid Red LED changes to solid Green. And that is the only thing that I can control.

The motors will not spin up. Am I missing something or do I have a Bad Inductrix????


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Thanks TazRC, the second link was the settings that worked for me. Just 1 note to add; My eyesite, is going, so when I set the FLAPS settings, I saw the (very) little symbols before the numbers, as a "+" sign and NOT as an "UP" or "DOWN" arrows.

Once I realized that they were arrow symbols, and change the FLAPS settings from;

Norm = Up100
Land = Up98


Norm = UP 100
Land = Down 98

Everything is working properly, Thanks Again......

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Works on Orange T6 Too!

Thanks for the help. I set up my Orange T6 with these settings and the Inductrix + now works. The advice about the 'green' flight mode is helpful, also