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Help needed! First time FPV event in Belgium


Junior Member

In about month Belgium will have it's first ever drone convention (http://www.droneconvention.eu/). There will be various speakers talking about safety, regulations, security and applications of drones. Even the Belgian minister of defense is going to talk BUT... as you can already guess, the convention is primarily directed at large companies, businesses and the government.

In the light of promoting our hobby AND giving hobbyists a voice in all this I'd like to organise a drone event at the exact same location. It would be the first ever hobbyist drone event in Belgium. The city who's holding the convention already showed great interest at the idea of a drone-race in an underground parking-lot. The same interest came from a drone-manufacturing company that's a major influence on the Belgian market and politics. I'm already working on a document with information regarding safety for the Deparement of Mobility. They are the ones to give the initial green light. I'm trying to make it as detailed as possible.

Here's where I could use some help. I myself never organized anything like this and i'm not an experienced RC hobbyist so i'm missing a lot of details.

Here's a small translated excerpt of what i've got so far:

"This drone event will be a great opportunity for people to learn about drones and rc toys for recreational use. It's a great way for people to learn what they are capable off, what the limitations are and how to safely and responsibly use them. The plaza could be used for demonstrations of professional rc-pilots, workshops (learn to build your own swappable plane) or even an exposition of different drones and rc planes. The underground parking-lot (-2) could be used for drone-races (more info: [youtube link]), this could be the biggest attraction of the event."

"The following things are needed to secure the safety of the public:
  • - Safety nets
  • - Chemical fire extinguishers (for defective (LiPo)-batteries)
  • - Safety ribbons
  • - Fences to close off certain area's
  • - Access to electricity (charging of batteries and other equipment)
  • - Safety people (to keep an eye out and keep things safe)

I know there's a lot more like insurances and stuff like that.. but that's something for a later stage. I know that at least some of the people on this forum have experience in organizing events like this. I would greatly appreciate any input you guys have.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Hellings