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Help : What to choose for the first real heli ?


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Coax or fixed pitch ( single ) ?
Both would be 2.4 4ch. My choice for the coax will probably be NE Bravo III, and for the FP single V911.
I'll want to use it outdoors as much as possible, keep the costs low, and if possible, to use the tx for future helis/planes.
Form factor is also somewhat important: I like the scale appearance of the Bravo , but the tx of the V911 looks cooler then the NE one...
I read quite a bit and watched the heli path video - still confused...
What do you think ?
Thanks !


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That controller looks really nice, but remember it may only work for that helicopter. Just a thought. Sorry I can't help you out more, I'm not that good at helicopters as planes are my main thing.


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I am not exactly very good with helis either, but from what I have read and experienced minutely with helis, the coaxial is probably much easier to fly than the fixed pitch. The reason being that the top and bottom rotors spin in opposite direction thus cancelling out any torque coming from either propeller. When the helicopter turns, the board just slows down or speeds up one of the rotors so that the torque of one will be greater than the other rotor and thus will turn. With a fixed pitch, the torque of the one rotor is countered by the tail rotor and turns by increasing or decreasing thrust from the tail rotor. I think that the Fixed pitch, without a gyro, is harder to trim and generally is more touchy on the sticks.

Mike oxbig

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I have never flown a coax but I flew the nine eagles solo pro a ton which is identical to the v911. Get the fixed pitch. They are fairly easy to fly. I had a friend who had never touched a tx before hovering in my living room in 15 mins.

If you want a scale looking fp there is this: http://www.helipal.com/nine-eagles-bravo-sx-camouflage-2-4ghz-edition.html its basically a solo pro with a body kit. Yeas the tx is a little wired but it works fine and you are going to want to get a real tx when you advance anyway. that's not a great price. If you shop around you'll find one for around $60.00. read about the bravo here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1319116

If you get a nine eagles product be sure to buy the wall charger as using the tx to charge it drains the battery quick. Also buy as many batteries as you can afford. You'll want to fly A lot and batteries take a half hour to charge.
I can recommend the v911 (hobbyking fp100) with the turnigy 9x.
this was you have a cheap heli, with a good, programmable(er9x) tx you can even use on full scale heli's and planes later.



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Thanks everyone !
I think I'm going for the V911 . Just a quick question #2 : Since I thought I would get the Bravo , I (impulsively) bought 2 batteries for it . Will they be good for the V911 as well ? they look the same and both are LiPo 3.7v , and the connector looks about the same .

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
Just be careful the first time you install the batteries. You can install the battery in the holder backwards and have reverse polarity if you are not careful.