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Anyone have experience with the DEVO 7 Transmitter and setting up plane with inboard flaps and retaining individual aileron control with out use of "Y" harness?
I've been battling getting it set up and have almost got it, but can't seem to find way to adjust the input of the FLAP points for each position of switch.
Also I can't get my mixing to work with the inboard flaps with elevator.

I did have everything working perfectly as a Aileron/Flapperon plane, but then decide to switch over to separate flaps and I've been battling the Transmitter programing ever since... I'd love to get it figured out if anyone knows.

I've read that vag manual about 50 times now but it's the worst written manual ever. Vids search on google is also very poor in reults. Most the vids are for drones and heli and/or are just plain terrible for instruction.

My setup request is Super simple. I have an airplane. Ailerons were set up as Flapperons. It worked perfectly and decided to make life difficult and make separated dedicated flaps and ailerons.
I have each Aileron in its own channel. Right Aileron in channel Aileron on Rx. Left Aileron is Aux 1. Two servos connected to "Y" harness for FLAPS in GEAR channel.
Elevator in Elevator channel etc...

Right now, I have ailerons working and can adjust them individually by Tx and they work as they should, but do not have any control over using them as additional flap. The are connected to MIX switch. If I flip switch up or down it does the same thing as the flaps with it's poition points.
As for the FLAPS I have them connected to FMD and they go from -62.4% to 0 to +62.4% making it look like they are working with the switch but are not adjustable for each position.

1. Should I be using the Aux 1 for second aileron or should I be using Aux for Flaps only.
2. Should I be using MATE for having left aileron work with right aileron? or some other way to have the left and right aileron still function as a flapperon?

What I would like to have is Ailerons to work as Fapperons on FMD or MIX switch and my dedicated inboard FLAPS to work off the FMD or MIX switch and be able for me to customize how much flap down for each position be adjustable.

Is this possible? who knows how to do it?
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Wake up! Time to fly!
I had two of those when I got back into flying. I dont think that extra capability is available on stock software.

The radio more then likely would have to be flashed over to the divention software which is more like open tx used in a lot of newer radios.

There should be plenty of videos how to do that. I decided to just upgrade to a better radio when I got to that point.
I was finally able to figure it out. I now have exactly what I wanted for control of the flaps...
The DEVO 7 is capable of a lot but WOW what a pain to figure it out.
Turns out that if running ailerons as flapperons, the manual states to use Right Aileron in Aile plug and Left Aileron in Aux 1.
What they don't tell you is if you want to use separate flaps you MUST use NORM wing mode, and either use a "Y" harness for it OR if you want dual ailerons you have to then put the second LEFT aileron in either the gear channel or Aux 2 channel. Then you need to MATE that channel to the Aileron Right Channel using the MATE selection and then choosing what channel you want to mate to.
You are able to assign any of the Aux channels as what you would like but for flaps you will be restricted in your Rate adjustment if you don't use the Aux 1 port.
so with the DEVO 7 I now have three position flaps, ailerons that are individually adjustable, Elevator mix to flaps, Aileron mix Rudder, dual rates that work across the board.

Hopefully this post will help others using this same Tx.
It really is a great radio for the money. For $30-40 on ebay and $30 for the Rx, how can you beat it? The range on it is outstanding, it feels nice in the hands... the interface is a total nightmare but I think worth it in the end. after you get it dialed in all you're are left with is to fly your plane.
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