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i am ryth dasgupta, and i am new to multirotors (practically i am new to flying.) and i have been having problems with my quadcopter from the moment i switched out my kk2 to naze32. suddenly my quad is lacking enough thrust too even take off... and sometimes it takes off and flips. sometimes it spins...
all this did not happen with the kk2.i could really use some help
basically, i really need a mentor... maybe a person who can skype to india, because i could realy use some help here.
3500 mah tattu bat.
980 kv emax motor
10x45 props
30 amp afro esc
naze32 control board
ts6i 6 channel ace rc tx/rx


Wake up! Time to fly!
Did you do all the setup and recalibrations after adding the new FC? Should have calibrated the ESC's again which I think may be your issue as well as the accelerometers and gyros. Look at the setup video Josh did on the NAZE. Theres a ton of useful info there even if its not the same board. The principles are all the same.