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I'm a care bear...Really?
Ok I got the radio and I've got issues. First I'm trying to follow the binding instructions and it does what it says but the instructions show a battery being connected to the receiver, is that something new? Second thing is if I followed the instructions correctly and it blinded right I try to center the servos they go all haywire. I put my two servos into ch 1&2 and the esc into three like normal. Am I missing a step or what am I doing wrong.


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You don't need battery input as long as your throttle connector is hooked up and a battery connected to the esc.

The servos should center automatically after you are bound. Did you remove your bind plug per instructions?


I'm a care bear...Really?
Fly sky th9x with the fs-r9b and I have two fs-r8bs. I've tried both the 9&8 and both don't work right. I'm going to post the instructions on how to bind this radio and show the pictures of the receiver with a batter plugged in.



I'm a care bear...Really?
If I switch to pulse position modulation it stops but I have no response from the servos but if I go back to pulse code modulation they go nuts. I've gone back through to see if I changed something but I can find anything changed


1. Unplug everything.
2. Insert the bind plug into the topmost receptical on the rx.
3. Plug the esc lead into channel 3 on the rx with the exposed metal prongs facing "up" toward the higher channels.
4. With TX off, make sure all switches are in the correct position - ones of top of the tx should be pushed "back," and those on the face of the tx should be pushed "up." Knob position not important.
5. Ensure the throttle stick is in the minimum position - all the way down.
6. Plug battery into esc - rx should exhibit a flashing red light.
7. Push in "bind" button on TX.
8. Turn TX on.
9. Do not release bind button until the red led light becomes solid.
10. Once this occurs, unplug battery from esc.
11. Turn off TX.
12. Remove bind plug.
13. Plug one servo into rx - start with Channel 1. Make sure exposed prongs on servo lead are facing up toward higher channels.
14. Make sure all switches and throttle stick are in the positions described above.
15. Turn on TX.
16. Plug battery into esc.
17. The servo should now be controllable by moving the right stick left and right.
18. All is right with the world.


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I've had similar experiences with HXT900's. And that wasn't the Rx, it was the servo. I deduce that my problem is caused by a bad quality potentiometer in the servo. However, mine only do the dance at a certain point, they still take signal and when moving the sticks all the way the servo arms move and stop dancing.

Have any other servos to test with? I'm guessing not... :( but it would be a great help in diagnosis if you could find/borrow one.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Just got off the phone with tech support. I have to send the transmitter back to get a new one. I was so hoping to be able to fly the F-22 this weekend. I have been waiting for almost two months now...... I give up