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Here's one for you guys:


Elemental Madness
really, really, really, really small.

The challenge is simple: make a fixed wing airplane that can be controlled by elevator/rudder, elevator/ailerons, or for bonus points; all three.Here is the catch: make it really, really small. The maker of the plane with the smallest wingspan wins! The only requirement is that it is radio controlled and can take off from the ground, do a circle, and land. The winner gets nothing but the pride of owning the smallest radio controlled plane on Flitetest. I figured this is a challenge we can all try because there isn't much to build!
What about a swapable fpv series as a challenge for flitetest. They could make wings, peace drones, gliders etc etc Would be cool for the fpv community and I think that this would atract allot more people to flitetest since the fpv community is growing fast!