hey guys got a new hero 4 session come have a look


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Nice flying and the video is pretty good.
With these cameras at $200 now they seem like a good choice for sticking a high quality camera on your quad.
There isn't much of a weight benefit over the Hero-sized models, but the smaller size is very attractive.
I hope GoPro can work through their current struggles and maybe come out with some other lens choices (less fish-eye).
I always cringe at the thought of putting my Hero 4+ Silver on my multirotors (especially at my skill level).
This little guys can "tuck in" better.
The final shot of the quad on the ground doesn't show the Session. Where and how do you mount it?

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I run a GoPro Session on my Alien. I cut a bit of foam at a 15* angle and place it under the camera and strap it down with a lipo strap. Works great!