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    ESC Constant Beep No Solution

    First post. Seriously need some help. I have scoured everywhere and cannot find a solution. I have a Naze32 rev6 FCB, HobbyKing Skywalker 40A ESC's, 2212 Motors, and a FlySky FS-T6 TX and RX. When I get power to my vehicle either through the USB port on the board, or the main power plug. The...
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    Naze32 Temps are warm when plugged in

    Hey. I'm building my first quad (FT 210 frame) and plugged in my naze and it works fine. I noticed that when I plugged in my Lipo the board gets to around 125 degrees in about 7 seconds before I unplug it afraid that I'm going to fry the board. I have checked that all solder joints are...
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    Help with servo tilt please!!!

    I have a wizard x220 betaflight 3.1.1 and have activated servo_tilt but inorder for that to work I need to remap my output pins in the cli using "resource" but when I type in "resource" it just lists the resources and if I type a command for example: "resource MOTOR 5 none" or "resource SERVO 1...
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    Naze32 Not Connecting to Baseflight or Cleanflight

    Hey everyone, I've been flying a quad with a Naze32 Rev6 line of sight for the past few weeks, and recently I just installed all the equipment to start FPV flying (camera, vtx, antenna, and micro minimOSD). However, when I went to change some settings on my Naze, Cleanflight wouldn't let me...
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    Naze32 and ESC Full Throttle Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the miniquad scene, and just recently built my first 250 class copter. It has a Naze32 Rev 6, Emax Micro 20A ESCs with Oneshot, and 2204 2300kv motors and a 3S battery. I've been trying to set up my quad to fly in Cleanflight. I've been having an issue where when I...
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    Autonomous Quadcopter simultanious PWM and MSP commands as the RC input

    Hi All, I am trying to implement an autonomous with my Quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi sending MSP commands as the RC input via USB to the flight controller. This will perform functions as altitude hold and moving via distance sensor inputs. When running in certain modes some axes are still...
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    BLHeli Flashing

    Hey i currently own a set of these: and was wondering which revision/version of the latest BLHeli firmware i can flash onto them. As they are a generic ESC, i would like to know what firmware is...
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    Naze32 stuck in failsafe

    Hey guys I need some help. My naze board has been stuck in failsafe and I have no clue how to fix it. In cleanflight I get a response from each of the channels under the receiver tab, which means I'm getting a signal but the naze is still in failsafe.
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    NAZE 32 Spinning flip of death

    Hi everyone! Rich M here :) I'm having a problem with my NAZE32 on a 250 sport quad. It flies great and very stable, easily does all the things you want from an 250 FPV platform, until you cut throttle. Because it has so much lift, it's hard to get it to lose altitude, while right side up...
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    Naze32 Rev 6 with Versacopter - little help please?

    Hi everyone. I've finally gotten around to building my Versacopter and have sourced my Naz32 rev 6 board outside of flitetest. In any case, I have it all soldered up (with a sidepin layout) and it seems the new board doesn't cleanly fit into the versacopter becuase of the 10x1 pin breakout...
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    hey guys got a new hero 4 session come have a look

    hey guys please have a look at my new video of me flying my bolt 250 with the new hero 4 session. please like and subscribe and share this video. link
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    Naze (cleanflight 1.9) starts complaining about battery voltage too soon.

    I'll start getting (what I assume are) voltage warnings after only about 3 minutes of flight. When I set it down, my voltage is at 11.5, which is 3.8V per cell! I have the warning set to 3.5, and by the time I set it down, it's gotten to be a pretty insistent warning. Looking at my settings, I...
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    Uncontrollable wobble on 250 quad with rotated acro naze with cleanflight

    Last week I broke two frame arms. Yesterday, I got a new frame, and put everything together again. The same motors, the same ESCs, the same flight controller, the same everything (except for the frame). This time I decided to rotate my flight controller 90 degrees, pointing right, for ease of...
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    Very high TRAVEL ADJ on Spektrum DX6i with Cleanflight 1.9.0 on Naze32

    I have this "issue" where I have to push my travel adjustment on my sticks almost to max (~120% out of max 125%) to get them up to 2000 and down to 1000. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be tweaking this somewhere else? It flies well even without these settings, in theory, but I've never...
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    Continuity Check on Naze32 rev5

    Hello, i'm new to soldering and electronics in general so bare with me please. After soldering my pins on the Naze32 the continuity Check Pings between -VBAT Pin and -TELEM Pin. also I get a Ping between all my Motor GND Pins and same is the case with the Motor + Pins (the Signal Pins are not...
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    My Windestal style tricopter shimmies like it's got Parkinson's

    First the stats: Naze32 flight controller FrSKY D8R-XP Receiver in CPPM mode Turnigy Plush 18A ESC hexTronik DT750 Brushless 750kv BMS-385DMAX digital servo Now the problem (with a little back-story): I put this thing together around July 2014 some time. First multi-rotor, and things went...