Hey, it's been a while.


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I'm back after a long hiatus (I totally didn't forget I had an account on here) but now I'm back and I have MORE PLANES!!
Now that I've learned how to fly without immediately crashing anything I can work on those exotic planes I was talking about before. The first one I'm gonna make is an oval wing canard plane with a differential thrust edf tail thingy. The mixing might be a little bit complicated but I'm confident it will work. I'm going to have a flap on the front surface and elevons on the back surface, both below the fuselage, and the EDF tubes will be above the fuselage. I've attached some super professional engineering blueprints below. Wish me luck!

Also, one more thing: I'm Mi-28N Attack Helicopter on the flite test community discord if you want to talk on there.
Oval Plane.png


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Welcome back.

This looks really interesting.

Not sure about the diff thrust though. The EDFs are mounted really close to the center line so they won't have a lot of leverage for yaw. If you could place them at the base of the triangular section fuse you would get more leverage. Just a thought.


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Good luck, Welcome back to the forums!!!

What size EDF's do you plan on running?
I think I'm going to use 40 mm EDFs. I might consider moving them into the interior of the back wing for more differential thrust like DamoRC suggested. The actual plane will probably measure about the length of an x-29.