HI, I'm new here.

I wanted to officially become part of this awesome community. Chomping at the bit waiting for all my FT210 FPV Build parts and pieces to come in. The Flite Test store and whole ordering process was great. I have to admit, parts not found on your store I got from GetFPV. But I think its even mentioned in your Build videos so I don't feel that bad...

So my first question is kind of an open one:
What advice would you give to an aspiring RC hobbyist when completing their first FPV quad build?
I have soldering, software development experience, and dozens of hours previous quad-copter flight time(mostly with smaller "toy-grade quads" flying LOS), over a hundred model rocket launches, and a handful of successful RC plane flights, flying LOS.

I have watched the Flite Test build videos and my hope is to get a few more great "nuggets" or advice from the community that is not mentioned in the build videos, to make my build as successful as possible.



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Welcome to the WONDERFUL WORLD of FT FORUMS!! Best community ever, in my opinion! ;)
So glad to have you a part of the fun! You will see that there will be a lot of awesome knowledge and skill sets to be learned here!
We wish you all the best in all that you do my friend!

As far as advice is concerned... Before I do anything I would just make sure your mind is in the right mindset...! What I mean by that is you WILL crash and things will explode! ;) So, do NOT get to attached to any one aircraft or multirotor!

Hope this helps!!
Blessings and happy flying my friend!


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Welcome to FT mate.

One word of advise I will give is to go VERY VERY easy when you get your build done. The change in power will be extreme as well as the agility. I would suggest setting mid to low rates when you set it up with higher exp's then normal. That jump in power brings twitchy to a whole new level.

Also getting some time in a sim like FPV freerider or hot props will help tremendously with sensitive muscle memory and control.


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Welcome to the forums.

Good luck with the build. Take your time.

Post pictures and video as possible.


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I assume you want to fly your quad after you build it. have you flown any quads? If the answer is "no" My advice is to dedicate getting proficiency on something that is more forgiving and less expensive. There are many options out there. If the answer is "yes" you will still be well advised to have spare props on hand because crashes do happen.

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You say you have soldering experience but do you have decent soldering equipment available? I find that buying a thermostat controlled soldering station is money well spent in this hobby.