Hi. MZ-10 setup.


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Hi, I am from the center of New Jersey.
I started RC flying 20 years ago had a gas Aerostar .40. had a blast building it. had about 4 or 5 flights with the local flying club instructor. then stalled on takeoff and broke the tail off. i was broken too. Rebuilt it. Kids happened.Got hosed selling my stuff at the yearly auction. Too busy to pick it up till now. I have the FT Tiny Trainer kit moving along. I am having trouble binding the Graupner MZ-10 to the GR-12L Reciever. Instructions are vague. anybody feel like posting step by step instructions? Thanks.


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Here you go.

Set up is fairly simple.

Remove your prop.

The servo pin assignments on the GR-12L Rx is as follows:

1. Throttle
2. Aileron
3. Elevator
4. Rudder
5. 2nd aileron
6. Flaps

Connect the ESC to the Rx in slot 1.
Connect the 3 motor wires to the ESC.
Connect the rudder and elevator servos as per above.

2016-06-11 14.45.01.jpg

Assuming NO propeller is attached and your Tx has fresh batteries...

Set your throttle full DOWN (MODE2 left stick).

Turn on your MZ-10 Tx and position it about 2-3ft away from the Rx. [IMPORTANT!]

Plug in your LiPo battery. The LED light on the Rx should be steady RED. There are NO green LEDs as mis-stated in the manual.

Squeeze the SET button on the Rx and hold for 3 seconds.

The ESC should give two long tones followed by three climbing chime tones and your Tx/Rx will be bound and be good to go.

Make sure your motor swings the right way (same as the prop will swing when installed with numbers facing forward) If it runs backwards, no sweat, unplug 2 of the three motor wires and swap them.