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Hello all,

Just wanted say hi to every one. I just got into flying muti-rotors and have been having a blast so far and spending maybe a bit to much money just starting out, but it's so fun :D. Found flitetest after watching some other people reviews on Youtube and have been attempting to back watch all the episodes.

I eventually want to build my own multi-rotor possible a tricopter since I really like aerial video and the feel you get from a tri. Hoping a hobby shop near me has an event they say they might where they have a build class since I'm not too confident in building something from scratch.

I have attempted some aerial video with my red eye one which can be found on my blog if you want to see some bad aerial video. http://mogra.g2bproductions.com/2014/01/a-new-year-quadcopters/

I just recently got the ARF Turnigy Micro Quad after owing a few of RTF's. I've been messing with it as much as I can (still trying to remove the drifting in stabilization mode). It still fly's the best out of all the ones I have and feels like a "real" quad with the KK board. I also want to do some mods to it which I have some work in progress images of that I thought I would share.

MicroQuad Base Front_50p.png MicroQuad Front_50p.png
MicroQuad Base Side 1_50p.png MicroQuad Side 1_50p.png
MicroQuad Base Side 2_50p.png MicroQuad Side 2_50p.png

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Welcome to the hobby! Watch all the videos on Flite Test and do some research and you will probably feel comfortable enough to do a scratch build. That's what I did to get into the hobby! :)


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Welcome to the forums! You've already got yourself ahead of the curve flying with the KK board on that little quad. All you need to do is watch some of the videos, get some soldering skills, and order the right parts to put a build together. I'm sure you can do it! It'll just make it that much more addicting too!


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Welcome to the Hobby! I must warn you though it is addictive so proceed with caution or you will be consumed. :) You have been warned! :)


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone. I think I have just had my hand forced to figure out soldering since a wire connecting one motor on my quad just got disconnected and needs to be re-soldered back. So i'm off to find the tools I need.


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Welcome Greg, don't worry about learning to solder, you'll soon find yourself delving into activities you never thought you would, knowledge comes quick if you surf these forums enough, there are some brilliant guys on here, unlike myself, I'm a grind it til you find it kind of scratchbuilder.


Welcome Greg, just like you when I began this sport I had a million questions and needed to purchase everythng. Let me suggest a word to the wise, in your building procrss, go in small steps. Breaking down the projects into small steps helps me not to become overwhelmed. Sometimes I find myself wanting to do a bit more, but this is the time where I can produce bad buildng. Now you may be different here but do concider the small steps until you become a more experienced builder. Again welcome to the hobby.