1. Joexer

    Help! Thoughts on FT Goblin Mods (Making it more of a LOS cruiser)

    So I've decided my next plane will be an FT Goblin, but I would like it to be a bit more LOS cruiser than FPV racer as it seems by default. I am almost obsessed with stall characteristics because I enjoy flying rather slow, hovering into the wind and the like. I also happen to adore the stall...
  2. "Corpse"

    Edge 540 modifications and builds.

    I am going to be building a "BushEdge", and I just bought the speed build kit. If any of you want mod ideas for the Edge, this is the thread for you!
  3. A

    UMX Timber Mods

    I thought I would share the mods I've done for my UMX Timber. 1 strip of clear packing tape along the leading edge to reinforce the wing and a diagonal X brace on top of the fuselage since the wings seem a little weak near the flaps. 3d printed vortex generators in front of the ailerons. Tape...
  4. Flyer4god

    Mini Corsair mods - The Frankenstein

    Some “upscale” experimenting with leftover foamboard. 1. Full bottom airfoil (inspired by NerdNic) 2. Rounded cowling 3. Fully rounded bottom of the fuse I call it the Frankenstein haha If anyone has any ideas what else is doable to scale her up, let me know! (:
  5. Flyer4god

    Modified Mini Mustang for scale looks

    I really really like Mini Mustang and it was really really bothering me it didn't really really look like a Mustang. So, here are some mods I tried to get it closer to "really really" :) Scale leading edge with elevated firewall for scale spinner position: B trim (I really really like B)...
  6. O

    MJX Bugs 2 Mods/upgrades..

    Hi, im new to the forum so im unsure if this is the right place to post...? I have recently ordered a bugs 2. My goals: *Upgrade power system if possible. *Create more lift. *Change the frame of the quad for a carbon one. *Learn a little about quads in the process of modding this one...
  7. P

    Ft. Mini Guinea power pack and mods

    Hello, I'm new to the forms but I've been watching and building Flite test planes for a long time. I looked around for a thread on this but I didn't find anything on it, so to the point. I just built a Flite test guinea pig, and now I'm planning on moving to the mini, but the only mini...
  8. muteFPV

    Cheap and Easy mods and accessories for the FrSky Taranis X9D

    Being myself a happy owner of the Taranis X9D+, I was looking for ways to easily modify it so that it stands out from all the other transmitters. "Everyone" has one -or should have one- and that is a good thing. The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus is an awesome transmitter for the price, with endless...
  9. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Flysky FS-i6 Custom Paint

    I repainted my FS-i6 over the weekend, and thought i'd post pics:) I used Rustoleum flat grey primer, Rustoleum Flat Black Primer, and Rustoleum Textured somethin-r-other the only real modification i made was to file down the power button and gorrila glue some 60-grit sandpaper to it...
  10. M

    QAV250 Landing Gear

    Hi Everyone, If anyone has ever flown the Luminier QAV250 for an extended amount of time, then you are probably very aware of the fact that anytime you get too close the the ground or have a hard landing, that you are almost guaranteed to snap the landing gear or at least bend it. I am...
  11. S

    Flyzone Ultra micro warbirds

    Hello Flight test forums, this is my first post and I thought id ask if anyone here has experience switching recievers in the flyzone ultra micro series. I feel somewhat apposed to needing the anylink adapter to fly these little beauties with my Spektrum Dx6i transmitter and was wondering if it...
  12. R

    Italian Style FT Bloody Wonder with on-board Action Camera

    Hello Guys, This is my first post here in this forum. I would like to share my experience with the FT Bloody Wonder. I've started scratch building / piloting RC planes about 3 weeks ago, when my FT Versa kit arrived. From that point on I was hooked! I learned how to "fly" just barely enough with...
  13. N

    New RC beginning. First foamie, first electric! Baby blender in color.

    Hello everyone. Flew a few RC gas trainers/combat gremlins and control line when I was a kid. Had not flown in 10 years. Went looking for balsa plans and ran into first the Arman wing then Flite Test. An airfoil without a foam cutter did it for me. Even with my learning disability (specifically...
  14. G

    Cross a BBv2 with a ugly stick =

    This is what you end up with when you cross an Ugly Stick with a Baby Blender. Curse you Red Baron[COLOR="#000000"], you'll never be able to out do this one. Need to add a bit of weight to the nose. The spokes in the wheels are actually toothpicks.
  15. T

    FT Bloody Wonder Rudder and Wing Mods

    I only have been able to fly it twice but the time I did have it in the air was the most fun I have had in the hobby yet. I made this plane according to the plans with some modifications. 1. The plans leave about an inch of space on each side of normal size DT foam board. I made use of the...
  16. Greg2B

    Hi New member and New to R/C Flying

    Hello all, Just wanted say hi to every one. I just got into flying muti-rotors and have been having a blast so far and spending maybe a bit to much money just starting out, but it's so fun :D. Found flitetest after watching some other people reviews on Youtube and have been attempting to back...