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Hi newbie here

Hi one and all bit of a newbie here & `I NEED HELP' planning a wingeron controlled, throw of a cliff, in windy weather, 48cm wingspan soaring foam job, so as all I have a spektrum 5e Tx and the rx gear from old worn out radian I need say 1.7 gm servos and battery to run rx and servos. But when i look online its all to much as I am not familar with latest tech and models shop is miles away I want to know what I need to order. Any advice much appreciated for small build info.


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Did the Radian have servos? A pair of 3.7g cheapo servos will work fine with something that size to work elevons. You will then need a 3A BEC to power the receiver and servos and a sub 500mah 2s lipo to run them off. You are better stepping down a 2s than having a 1s run directly as the voltage output of the Bec will be a solid 5v which is more reliable. There’s a UK sub forum of FT here if you want UK specific advice. Servos and Bec are easily had off EBay or Hobbyking. Hobbyking has Lipo, just be sure to only buy from the UK warehouse.

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A good wing for slope soaring is the FT Versa. For a powered version, all you would need is the parts listed below:



You would also need the ft elements firewall with a 9 4.5r prop or swappable firewall with a 10 4.5 prop for power. I use zippy 1000 mah batteries, and they do great, especially since they only cost 12 bucks on eBay. It would only cost you about $40 more for a powered versa. Good luck and have fun!


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Note that nearly all parts for the above can be bought from Model Shop Leeds if you are in the UK, they also do a cheaper power pack.