High altitude 6000ft and 7km range with X8 wing.


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Testing the limits of the Skywalker X8 FPV setup.
Max range was 7,2 km and max altitude 6000ft.
Powered by a single 5000mah 4s lipo.

Lawmate 1,2ghz 500mw vtx, inverted vee ant.
Lawmate vrx, Biquad ant.
Dragonlink uhf rc system, Turnstyle rx antenna (IBcrazy).
Eagletree OSD system.
Eagleeyes groundstation+ ant. tracking.
Gopro HD2.
NTM 3548 900kv, 12x6 prop.


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Nice - that smog is unbelievable - is this in So Cal ? Are you running a signal strength meter on the OSD - how do you know what the true 'range' of your set up really is ?