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If hobby king sends you an incorrect item they expect you to be responsible for costs incurred to return it or pay for half of the cost of the item you didn't order as well as pay for shipping AGAIN on the item you wanted. I've been fighting with them for an hour because they sent me a wrong battery.
Transcript attached if you're interested.
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Typical and expected. That is why I only order batteries from a US HK warehouse.

Deep discounts DO have a cost!



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Hmm, this should not be expected nor accepted. It's a bl..dy shame that if THEY make a mistake, that YOU have to pay. TWICE!
Everyone can make a mistake, I presume an awfull lot of items are sold and send each day, so mishaps will occur. But hey, they should solve this.
If discounts have a cost, than it's no discount anymore is it :p

Send them a link to this thread, maybe they think again
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Interstate commerce in the US is no joke. There are federal laws that are written to protect you in these instances. I recommend you provide evidence to the postmaster if received by us mail or the attorney general in your state if shipped otherwise and let them deal with it. UPS and FedEx can choose to take action as well.



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Thanks for the support guys. Please pass this info along on any other communities you may be a member of. It was shipped via usps so I will write a letter to the postmaster and write back about my response.


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I take it it came from a US Warehouse since it was sent USPS (in which case the behavior is Unacceptable on HK's part).

IF it came USPS from HongKong then it was in violation of the law as USPS will not carry LIPO's knowingly from overseas to the USA.



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Try the US support people through RCGroups. They were very helpful for me when the standard methods of communication failed.


I've had problems with them and simply won't buy anything from them.

60 bucks of crap motors screw it cost them 5,000 in lost sales for products they carry bought at banggood instead and other companys. So then take family members who bought stuff to the total actually added up to allot between 3 people it was 20,000 in lost sales. So they burn bridge have horrible support jump through a million hoops. It bites them in the end over lost sales. (that was a 1 year period)

I like banggood they don't have the same amount of hobby stuff but they have enough. They have free shipping to Canada so 2 bucks is 2 bucks sure it's slow as heck but it's cheap and free shipping.
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