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Hobbyking check out error.

I have tried to orders a bunch of parts from HK for a quad build, but as soon as I finished the last step and pressed pay now it told me to check out again. I tried with credit card and paypal, the same happened. The strange thing is that PayPal sent me an email that confirmed that I have payed HK but I did not get an email from HK that confirmed the purchase. Is it because I did not log in, but you should be able to buy something without a log in, right? I don't know what to do. Has anyone had the same problem as I? What should I do?

Pleas help


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Open a chat session (top right corner of the page, when it's available) or a support ticket (check "contact us" at the bottom of the page). once you get a hold of someone, they'll help sort it out. they're not the most responsive CS -- by far -- but they will try to help paying customers.
When I order from HK I always pay with PayPal! some times it takes a while before the HK order shows up? I'll get confirmation from Paypal right away, wait a while and then log into HK account and see if your order is being processed?
It was the first time from HK so I had no account, and tried credit card an paypal with the exact same result. I did it last Saturday. In my opinion it is to long time ago.


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Never ever ever for any reason ever use a credit card with HK. I got fraud alerts on two credit cards when I tried to place my first order with HK 8 months ago and the orders were never processed. Both credit cards were shut down until I called the credit card companies during business hours.

PayPal works just fine.
One thing I have found. Make sure your shipping options are setup Before going to the paypal screen, it does not seem to like it when you go to pay then setup shipping. (I hope HK fixed that and it is no longer possible). Always be logged into the HK site when making an order. It uses a different flow when you are not logged in causing the above issues.

I have created an account now so it should hopefully not happen again. but i just need to find out if i will receive my purchase or get my money back, it might take some more time.
I have contacted HK now with live chat and they told me to contact paypal, so that is what i did. I gave them a receipt number and they told me that i just have to wait 10 days to get a refund from paypal, HK or whoever has my money, i hope i have success at the end of the week. So if you have the same problem just call paypal service phone number and tell them what happened and what you want. thanks for all the replies
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