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Hobbyking Yak 54


Junior Member
I read a thread about this on rcgroups. If I remember correctly, the general consensus is that no, it is not a good 3d bird. Overall what I got from it was that it is too heavy. Also it seemed like almost everybody that got one had the stock motor and ESC (maybe) burn up on them. I believe that they have one available now that is only the airframe so if you do decide that you want to get one the suggestion was that you get the airframe and put your own electronics in it. Like I said "If I remember correctly.." It was a while ago that I read it and if I were you I would check back on a review thread and see if the opinion has changed. Hope this helped.


Junior Member
Iwould by it as a pnp version and change the motor, and keep the esc. I have a similiar one, and it works great.
I was thinking a 910kv motor and a 10X5 prop.
I'm not sure i wan't to fly 3d, but i wan't an acrobatic plane, and also the posibilty to fly 3d.