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Hovercraft Time? Plans and photos


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So I recently found Peter’s hover craft video and downloaded the PDF to find it quite sparse and lacking details. I believe the plan was just a starting point to help people understand the concept, but I was hoping for something a little more detailed. So I made some, full size PDF plans attached.

Fairly straight forward, used a paint mixing stick from Lowe’s as the motor mount. Cut a small piece from the stick for the thrust motor and sandwiched the remaining stick between the two top plates to give it a little more strength.

Single Servo and only glued the rounded section of the canopy so we would have an access hatch for the electronics.

We also used magnets to hold the skirt and body plates together. We’ve only had a few issues of them coming apart. Definitely saved the vehicle more times by coming apart when it hit terrain it could not go over.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Hope someone enjoys building and crashing these as much as my wife and I do.




I am posting this question for my 9 year old son. He asked to post his question to the forum, so I created an account. It is his project not mine. He is responsible for doing the research, finding and asking experts questions and building the project with his team. I am helping if asked.


I am 9 years old. I am working on a project with my team for Destination Imagination. We are doing the Technical Challenge. This challenge I have to build a aircraft that fly's 15 feet and drops a payload in a one foot square area. It does this five times.

I am looking at how a hovercraft could be used. In my research on the internet, I found the hovercraft build video by Peter.

Over the last few days, I have learned a lot from Flitetest videos and web site. I have learned a lot about RC airplanes. I have learned about transmitters, receivers, the main board and servos and how they connect to make an airplane fly. I also went to Hobby Town and talked to a worker. it looks fun!

I want to build a hovercraft like yours

I am looking for help to learn what exact motor, props, receivers and transmitters I need.

My team (Team F.B.I - Friend Being Insane) and I, can only spend $150 on this project. We don't have any equipment. My research looks like it will cost at least 200.

i also posted this on the general forum so know want other people think i should do.

Thank you


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I am looking for help to learn what exact motor, props, receivers and transmitters I need.

Thank you
I used the FliteTest power pack A twin:

If it helps, I have a transmitter and receiver I would be happy to send you for this project. I could probably toss in a few other extra parts that might help you with this or future projects.

Have your dad send me a private message and I’ll mail them off to you.

Good luck! I hope to see pictures and it sounds like you’re on the right track.
Hi sms021,

Thanks for telling me what power pack I need!

Thank you so mush for lending me a transmitter and receiver! It's a big help to my team!!

I will have my dad send you message.