how about how drones are serving agriculture/productivity


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Fixed wing drones have played an important role in deterring poachers in African national parks.

In France, DJI Phantoms have provided traffic police with an overlook point for spotting dangerous drivers. If they see someone tailgating or overtaking wrecklessly, they can pass the description on to a biker cop who can pull them over and give them a telling off.

It is no surprise that relatively inexpensive autonomous flying platforms have provided a number of practical applications. The only trouble is, they have practical applications in criminal activities as well, which is why I'm surprised we haven't seen more 'Drone-catcher' Drones around the world since they first appeared in Japan.


The ability to capture the drone 'alive' could provide cops with a lot of intel about their operation and operators and so the presence of such drones would massively dissuade criminals, I think.