Corvo mini Drone! Easy to build high performance!


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We've all seen in the media how Australian is providing cardboard (we can all see its paper covered foam like DT foamboard) Drones to Ukraine. And they are using them to great effect for a bargain price!! A $3500 drone takes out a fighter worth 100X as much!
I have made several of them (as close as I can given I only had photos to go off) but the concept is transferable. So after my first one, I decided to go smaller so you only need less than 2 sheets of 30x20" foam board to build!

The first one I decided to put wheels on and has a take-off roll of about 3ft!!! Regardless of size, this thing is agile!!! Great fun to fly!
I'm not great at plans and stuff, still learning but I did come up with the following. Check the PDF's! This how I made Lil Corvo!

Tell me what you think!


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I also made a model but couldn't take off. I chose the NACA4412 wing.2212 1400KV,4200mha,wingspan 1m


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