How are you getting to Flite Fest?


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Heyyy mactek. My dad, my friend Robert, and i will be leaving from South Jersey mid day Wednesday, and probably arriving at the field sometime in the night.


My dad and I plan to drive the long one hour trip :D to Furey Field early Thursday morning, but if I can persuade him we will be going on Wednesday evening to set up and attend the optional volunteer meeting.


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Making the 5.5 hour drive from Rochester NY on Wednesday. Just me, the Explorer and the popup. Hoping to arrive with plenty of daylight to setup.


Driving solo in a packed, white Ford Expedition from Fredericksburg, Virginia...halfway between Richmond and DC.
Google says 6 hours without traffic. Hoping to arrive midday Wed for setup assistance and the volunteer meeting at 6pm.

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Heyyy mactek. My dad, my friend Robert, and i will be leaving from South Jersey mid day Wednesday, and probably arriving at the field sometime in the night.

I am leaving on Thursday and will not be showing up at FF until Friday just for the day. How are you guys driving there via the turnpike or 80.


I'm driving an RV and leaving Alabama Monday. Spending the night at Wright Patterson AFB and taking the kids to the Air Force Museum on Tuesday. Arriving at the field that night, ready to help all day Wednesday.


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I'm going to drive the whopping 20 minutes in a borrowed pickup, towing a borrowed camper with my girlfriend, not borrowed :cool:


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Driving out from Jersey late Wednesday night (3of us) pulling our travel trailer, should get us there bright and early on Thursday , just in time for our second FliteFest!


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Well if it doesn't stop raining a canoe. Otherwise we have a caravan driving out Wednesday afternoon and should arrive by 6ish.


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Driving either super early Thursday or sometime Wednesday if I can pull it off. I have about 11 hours without traffic to contend with. I flying solo this year, hopefully my oldest son or the whole fam will be with me next year.

I plan to que up a greatest hits of the PODcast to pass the time.


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Flying buddy Steve and I are planning to meet up here at my house early on Wednesday morning for a 6:30-ish departure. Plans are to stop at Dayton for two or three hours at the Air Force Museum, then continue on to Carrollton, and the Days Inn where we stayed last year. Then we hope to head for Furey Field on Thursday morning to lend a hand with setup.

See you all there!

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I guess I'll probably see you again at the Day's Inn like last year then...I remember meeting you two last year outside in the motel parking lot when I was unloading planes from my car. Going to try to pack even more models into it this year (13 or 14). Planning to be there late Thursday morning. Probably get there too early to check in to the hotel first, so I expect to head straight to the field.


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Driving from the Twin Cities. I'll leave on Tuesday, and arrive sometime after lunch on Wednesday evening and looking for abieex for the duty roster.