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How do esc's work?

I have a problem not sure if it's my ESC or my receiver but my receiver doesn't turn on. My ESC only has 2 wires is this normal?


Elite member
Your receiver may not have a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) in it. They are listed as “opto” ESC’s and are designed for quad copters. Most ESC’s have a pair of wires IN (red and black) that go to the battery, then three wires OUT to the motor, with two other small wires for the BEC/signal.
Some quad ones have two wires in for the battery, then three pads for the motor wires, plus a thin signal and ground for the signal from the FC.
If you have no BEC then the receiver has no power going to it, so it won’t come on.
You might also have the plug in the wrong port on the receiver.
A clear photo of your set up will help.