How do I add channels to my TGY i4X


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Hi, I have a TGY i4x (can be found here) and I would like to add a couple of switches to it so that I can drop bombs from my plane. I'm fairly new to RC aircraft and stuff but I was wondering if its possible to add a 2 position switch that takes a servo from its neutral position to fully rotated in one direction (it would be nice to have a 3 position switch that can make it go in both directions if possible). The receiver has 6 output channels but the controller only has 4. is it possible to add 2 switches to the controller, and if so, how do I do the electronics? I'm only 14, and I don't know anyone who is into RC aircraft, so if somebody could help, that would be great. Thanks!


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It is possible that the manufacturer used a board from a more capable transmitter, but it is beyond my skill set to modify it for more controls.

Tradition says use a low use channel with a one shot string pull system for the drop.

Say rudder on a ailerons ship. Full right rudder and then immediately back to center would pull a pin on one wing then full left and center would release the other side wthout causing too much wobble. Motor channel with a Y harness and a servo, off motor or low throttle releases stuff, calibrate the ESC and use the motor trim lever to move the servo far enough.