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How do you mount your motor to the firewall?


Depends on the motor. Most of my planes use an x-mount. Those screw into the firewall. Others, like the Emax 2012s, can use a stick mount or a machined aluminum mount that holds them in place with set screws. I have had the least luck with the latter.

Foam Addict

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All of the above. Plus hot glue when I am using speed 400-480s.
It depends on what plane it is, what motor it is, and what I have on hand.
I used zipties on a floaterjet motor for a Sea Blu baby. Why? because I ran out of ply.
Other than that I generally use screws for strength.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I almost always add a plywood firewall and screw the motor to it. I don't glue motors in because the glue can get into the bearings if you aren't careful.


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Screw it! Though I dont use ply, I tend to go with plastic. ABS is my friend :D it can take a hit and still be ok. I've also got some CF sheet that I've had for about 10 years now. I've had ply crack and break on bad landings, plus the tools I have at home, plastic is easier for me to cut.

Though I do end up makeing a lot of custom mounts for various planes. Not the bulk head but the mount that bolts to the motor. Working at a high end car stereo shop we have some metal fabing stuff at work. I grab some of the really small scraps of aluminum and will cut out my own mounts at home ith little more then a small drill press and a dremell.

Heres one I made for a funbat a year ago