How FT Trainer vs FT Cub as first plane?


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4s mini mustang
I would use the tiny trainer with the a pack. You wouldn’t be able to use your 2200 mah battery though.
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If you run a cheap 1806/2400kv motor on the TT or the 2400kv Radial it will fly great on small 500-850 mah 2s packs, which are really cheap. It’s a great first plane, both on 3 and 4 channel. It does need some incidence adding to the wing and wants to be built as light as possible to give you maximum float. I put a 1mm shim under the wing leading edge to get the incidence.
When you build it shift the tail control servos as far back in the fuse as you can, the thick nose can end up harder to balance if you are not careful.
Another thing to do is to analyse what happened in your unsuccessful flights with the Explorer, as often there is a pattern that causes a crash that won’t be solved by a different airframe. Maybe post everything about that first plane, the rates, settings on the TX, all up weight, CG and lots of other stuff can make it much harder to fly successfully if they are off. Good rates and expo will help with the over tight turns you described.
The Cub is not a forgiving platform compared to the TT.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Don’t do the simple cub. For me it seems more difficult to fly than the explored - I have both. I don’t have a tt, but from what I’ve heard, it is a wonderful training platform. If you want to do a plane with your electronics, you could do the ft old speedster or the old fogey.


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I agree with both of these guys, and everyone else... WHAT?! Actually I found that there is always a certain plane that works for certain people, and a lot of that has to do with timing I think. Everyone seems to start with a different airframe and because they don't have the experience in flight yet and the plane seems to not work for you and you move into a different model, (or 6 in my case) until you find one that does work out of the box, so it seems. Really it is just that you now at this point in time have enough crash experience to know what not to do, that it just seems to click for you on the current airplane you happen to be flying. For me it was the Mini Scout that was my angel plane that got my confidence going on the flight side of the hobby. I ended up building 2 of them just to make sure it was my grace plane, and it was. And my progression has been expediential ever since. Where I am at now and just trying the Explorer in the past 2 weeks I think it should have been the plane I started with for just how easy it is to fly, 3 or 4 channel. And you can adapt it to anything, as you have already experienced it will take a number of hits as well.

That being said I would say stick with the Explorer and dial in your skills there. Like @FDS said it could be a technical oversight which is hindering your flight experience. And once that is solved you will see how easy it is to pick this up. But if you do wanna build something different and is easy to fly as well, some will say the TT and stick to it but there is a learning curve to it on the building side like @FDS said, incidence and balancing. I built 2 of them, first one stock as per the design and one modified to help balance and flight, neither worked for me. With your B pack, and I am surprised @The Hangar didn't mention this, is the perfect motor combo for the Simple Scout. Easy to build, easy to fly right off the design with no mods, easy to fix post crashes, just an all around fun machine. It is a work horse for your flight education, and build it as a 4 channel to grow with you, if you do as a 3 channel, do it as an AET, (aileron, elevator, throttle). It is my go to flyer rite now and it is taking my skill level to new heights, no pun intended. Check out the release and build vids and you will see what i am talking about.

Stay away from the Cub for now though, it will frustrate you. Like the TT there are some common things that most people have to modify to make it work for them, which steered me away from it. If you want to do a Mini series 4 channel plane to play with there is the Shrubsmacker. Now this fun little unit works on the A or F packs and is a high wing tail dragger that is a solid airframe that will take hits as well. I will tell you it is not an original FT design, it is the brain child of @Grifflyer who wanted to build a solid plane that is what he calls "The Peoples Plane". Easy to handle, hand launch or ground take offs, flies slow, flies fast, flies scale, or super acrobatic, so versatile. You cn find the plans in the resource section of the forums here and there are a few threads on the build here as well.

Good luck and welcome to the forums bro, keep in touch