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New member here


Well-known member
By all means welcome. Great group with a lot of information here. Just ask questions and you'll get answers. May your flights be long and your landings always soft!


Knower of useless information
Welcome to the FT family, glad to have you aboard!

Tell us, how badly has the RC flight bug bit you? Have you flown before, or are you new to the hobby? And are there any planes you're looking to build?

And furthermore, feel free to ask questions, even if you think they're stupid - they're not dumb questions. Odds are, someone here has experienced your same problem and we can get you an answer to your situation. :) Many times we use terms like RX and TX or ESC or expo, and new people to the hobby are unintentionally left like deer in the headlights. Believe me, this forum is HAPPY to share our info. We want you to be successful! :)