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How many Flite Test Fans have left an FAA comment?

We now have 2 weeks until the deadline of the NPRM for Remote ID commenting time. How many of you have left your comment or comments?

Since you all, here, are in the Flite Test forum, I'm going to assume that you all enjoy flying something. Whether it be a plane, a wing, a helicopter, or a multirotor....it's just fun to defy gravity for a little while. Me, personally....I have left 4 comments with the FAA. Each comment covered 2 topics in each. My wife sent in a comment. 14 of my family members, that don't even fly, have sent in comments. So, that's 19 comments from my family.

I very much hope to see a massive flood of comments during the next 2 weeks. Last time I looked at the total count, there were a meer 14,000 comments. Flite Test, alone, represents well over 100,000 rc flyers. Please people....help protect the hobby that we enjoy and love! Send in your comments. Ask your family members to comment, too.