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multi rotor

  1. B

    Micro drone violently shakes

    Hi there, so I made this micro drone, it is the second drone I've built with the first one being a 250mm fpv quad. the micro drone has an f4 FC with 1104 brushless motors. when I try to fly this drone it violently shakes and the more I throttle up the worse it gets(video linked). i have tried...
  2. A

    Help! Missions Planner

    Hello, I have just built my own drone using a Pixhawk 2.4.6 from mRobotics. I did all the firmware calibrating and stuff, but I’m getting a preflight error on mission planner. It looks like everyone had had a similar problem but the solutions aren’t working for me. This is for a multicopter and...
  3. TexasTeacher

    Weird Motor issue?

    Ok guy this has started happening recently. It happens without any input and when you do give it input the right front motor spins up much faster than the left rear and the quad flips. any help would be great. I have redone the firmware on the FC and still the same issue. Towards the end...
  4. A

    Help! Multi rotor competition help

    Hello my name is Andres, I am building a quad copter that will weigh at most 5 pounds. It will need to fly a long way ( not sure but a mile? maybe more), but I am looking for efficient motors with a low amperage take so that the battery will last longer. I was planning to use a 2300Kv...
  5. I

    FSIX X Cant Bind

    I just got a Fly Sky I6 X Model and I cant bind to my FSIA6B Reciever. I did programming in betaflight and it just wont bind. The light turns solid on the receiver but I cannot takeoff but it says it's connected to the receiver. I am using the Eachine Wizard X220. Please help me.
  6. N

    How to choose a power system when designing and building a multi-rotor

    I hope this is the right place for this, first time in this forum and a noob at anything RC. Eric said in the AP show that he always builds his own multi-rotors and that it was a great way to learn about how they worked. That inspired me to start looking at building my own 500 size quad to lift...
  7. P

    Challenge. Multi rotor in space!

    How high can you get a multi rotor to fly? Anything goes, GPS, radio control, timer, don't matter. Get it as high as you can and prove how high it went with telemetry or video. Can you beat a rocket? Do it.
  8. P


  9. G

    Help guys! I need some tips for building a multi rotor!

    Hello guys! I am a beginner and I am looking to build my first ever multi rotor. I am going to use this multi rotor mostly for aerial cinematography/ photography with a GoPro Hero 3. These are the parts I have picked. I just need some suggestions/ tips before I go buy all these and put them...
  10. RedTwenty

    Getting in some stick time with the mini quads...

    This isn't article material but I had such a great time exercising the fingers the other day I wanted to share a couple of the videos. The two frames I was flying were the R220 & PM300 mini quads. Both are frames I CNC cut myself as those who follow my articles on the main site will be aware...
  11. E

    Avenger HeliCarrier

    Any chance that there might be a coming speed build kit for the Avenger HeliCarrier or plans. Would be cool for FliteFest 2015. i watched the video i thought it was awesome.
  12. M

    Help me build my multi rotor (Online Group build)

    Hi, my name is Calum and I am looking to build a multi rotor for aerial photography, this is not my first build but I wouldn't mind all the people on here who are smarter then me to help me build this multi rotor. Price is not a barrier. I need something very stable, medium speed, strong and of...
  13. Ultimate_Red

    Variable Geometry And Adaptable Multi rotor Frame

    Foreword For a few days now I have been pondering and experimenting with the principle that is the Anycopter hub; It is a Multi rotor frame that is adaptable, expandable, versatile and simple. However, if I'm honest the Anycopter frame isn't good to look at. Therefore, I planned to make a frame...
  14. W

    H-Quad motor choice.

    I have recently built a H-Quad (flitetest's) and I put some of the cheap 24gram motors from hobbyking on the frame however I have now realized that A they are vastly under powered and B that they are SHOCKING quality, there were little chips of aluminium in the magnets and some around the...
  15. T

    Multi-rotor noob looking for direction

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the hobby and the forums. After watching both the Flite Test videos and my buddy's FPV videos I decided to take the plunge into the hobby. I bought the Syma X-1 just to have something to get the general feel for flying a multi-rotor down, and to have something...
  16. K

    New Member

    Hello, I'm kind of new at all this. I wanted to get into flying and wanted to build a multi-copter (used for arial video recording) and I'm not really sure where to start. Is there a cheap way to start, something that I can use as a throw away while I learn? I like recording high action stuff...
  17. unzapped

    Bat Bone V-Tail FPV/Video Setup Review

    Hello! First post. THANK YOU for all of your contributions; multi rotor flight has come along way in technology and reduced price over the last 5-7 years. What was out of reach then is here NOW! I am interested in rc flight mainly for aerial video and photography. I am interested in quads for...
  18. tw-ryder

    Central Florida FPV Meet, October 4-6

    Tracy and I are headed to the Central Florida FPV Meet this weekend. Anyone in the FT world going along?
  19. S

    Best GoPro FPV Set-up's in UK

    Just ordered all the parts for my new Tricopter, using David's V2.6 design. Eventually I'll be heading into aerial video and FPV using a GoPro. And I also love the goggles for screens. Any thoughts on set-ups available in the UK?
  20. B

    How to fly.

    Hi, I am am a complete starter at RC quad copters and I a building a SK450 quad. I am 13 and my dad said that before I can put 400 dollars in the air, I need to practice flying first. What is a cheap off the shelf quad copter that I can use to practice. I would like if it were under 60...