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How to go from CAD concept to flying model?

Okay, so I don't know anything about aerodynamics and lift, but I made this basic concept based on the Boeing X-48B and Airbus Maverick.
This model is slightly different than flying wings / blended win on FT as it has a longer body section.
I do have a 7x7x8 inch 3d printer so small scale printing of complex curves is possible.
c2cbe013-326d-44d6-b2bd-3bb391022303.PNG 58f604bb-352e-44d9-b455-a41860d34663.PNG


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is your goal to 3D print?
build with foam board?
something else?

pusher? puller? single/multiple motors?

I don't see a vertical stabilizer on that, which will definitely cause some issues.
Two motors
Kinda like this
I think simplest would to be 3d printing small versions.
Alternatively I can 3d print molds and cast fiberglass resin.
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your going to want it to be very hollow to keep weight down. 3d printing tends to make fairly heavy air-frames, even if you pull off single width skins and minimal structure bits. Your also going to need to be able to move around the weight inside to get the CG into the right location.

Can that fly? sure.
Would I start with a 3D printed or molded/cast fiberglass? no

I would start by doing a mock up in DTFB, find the needed CG, do some test throws/etc. until you get the balance right. (it will cost a whole lot less and have a much faster build/test/crash/redesign/build/test/etc loop)


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Also - have you flown anything yet? if not, I would suggest starting with some sort of trainer to get some experiance and go from there.
I may print a small version out of some extra PLA I have. I'm not doing anything with it anyway. Foam board probably would be a good step if I decide to go bigger.
Kinda suprised I didn't see LW-PLA on the Flight Test Store. It can weight 66% less than normal PLA.