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How to setup Trainer/Student mode/ buddy box?


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Hi flyers,
My father had recently started flying drones with me, and hes having a bit of a hard time learning, so i figured that i would set up a trainer mode for him so that if he is in doubt or is about to crash, i can flip a switch and take over and get it safe to fly again.

So we both have the same exact model of transmitters: Flysky FS-i6. And i have the wire that goes from the back port that says "trainer" on it going to the other transmitter on the "trainer" connection.

My fathers TX (the student) is bound to the drones RX, My TX (the trainer) is just linked via the wire to his tx, it is not bound to the drones rx.

I went in his TXs settings and set his to Student mode. I also went into my TXs settings and set my trainer mode switch on.
So when he begins to fly, it goes fine until i try to take over and nothing happens. I wish there was an error message or something that would give me a hint of what i did wrong. I Am like 99% sure i have the right cable. I have never done anything like this sort of trainer/student type stuff.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong? or perhaps i would need an aftermarket device to put in between our TXs?
Thanks! :)


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I think your radio has to be the priority and bound to the remote receiver. The trainer port then sends your fathers signal thru your radio until you release the trainer switch and take it back.
Psyborg is correct that your radio is the master (bound to the Rx), and the student radio is the slave.

Are you using the Flysky trainer cable, or are you trying to use a standard s-video cable? The connectors are the same for both cables, but the wiring is different. I made a trainer cable from an s-video cable by cutting it, and reconnecting the wires to work. I did have to run an extra wire to connect the sleeves at both ends together as well. Anyway, the cable works fine, and only took a few minutes to make.

Here's the diagram I used to make my cable. I got this from a post in RCGroups.
thumb-FS-T6 to FS-T6 Buddy box.png
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I just bought an S-video cable from amazon thinking that it was the same thing as a flysky trainer cable. I understand the diagram, but how do i know which wires to switch in my cable?
I used a multi tester to find continuity between the bare wires and the pins in the connector. They are color coded, so once you know which wire is for pin 1, and which for pin 2 you just splice 1 to 2 for both pairs. For the ground I just ran a separate wire. I couldn't think of a way tu tap into one of the unused wires.

On the original post it says that one end of the cable is dedicated to the master, and that it can't be used backwards. I don't see how this could be true since it is a symmetrical cable (both connectors have there 1 pin connected to the 2 pin of the other connector. Anyway I haven't had a problem with my cable.


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Looking at that diagram this will be a very easy thing to do.

This procedure is just like opening the shielding on an antenna wire to expose the core for a repair.

Ring the outer casing some where in the middle of the cable but don't cut into the shielding.
Bend the cable 180 degrees to open a work area.
Take a pin or carefully with an xacto or jeweler screwdriver separate the shielding to expose the inner wires.
Work the wires out between the shielding cut wires one and two then and shrink sleeving and re-solder one to two and two to one work the wires back into the shielding and spread the shielding back into place best you can
Tape the outer sleeve to protect the wire.

A simple continuity test will determine which wire color is the one wire and which is the two wire in the original configuration without dismantling connectors to see.


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my multimeter isnt doing continuity sounds now... jeez just gets better lol i gotta buy a new meter now.but at this point i may aswell throw in a flysky brand trainer cable on amazon.


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And for straight runs of wire your ohms should be very low, as in single digit ohms (it might also show tenths) and you don't want to see a K (KiloOhm) or M (MegaOhm) in the units.


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Old post but I have a question about doing buddy box. Do both controllers have to be same brand and if so. Same model???
No, the transmitters do not have to be the same brand. But you may need to make your own buddy box cable if you're going cross-brand. For example, I soldered together my own cable to connect a Flysky (Turnigy) i6s controller to an FrSky Taranis QX7.

One thing you do have to be sure about is that both radios can utilize the same channel order. Different brands use different orders (eg. Spektrum uses TAER [Throttle Aileron Elevator Rudder]) while Flysky uses AETR. I originally made the cable to try to connect the Flysky to a Spektrum radio, but because of the different channel order it wouldn't work, since the stick to control the throttle on the Flysky would move the elevator on the Spektrum. The nice thing about an OpenTX radio like the QX7 is that you can change the channel order to match the trainer radio.


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OK reading up on this I REALLY need to do this... I have the Radiolink AT10II following the AETR format and a Jumper TS8G. I would like the Jumper for my boys to use as a trainer.
VERY dumb Question what if I don't connect the grounds?
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