TX16S V2 Master for DX5E Trainer


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I was in RC back in Airtronics 72 MHz days and built quite a bit of sailplanes in my teens. Now getting back into it and decided that ELRS makes the most sense for protocol to standardize on. So I picked up the TX16S V2 as I figured it would last for a long time. My main goal was to get my 7 YO son in the air with a trainer setup.

I purchased a used Spectrum DX5e as I expected to be able to use a wireless trainer setup with it.

TX16S setup is internal Multi 4-in-1 and external ELRS Module. I was able to pair the 4 chan PWM ELRS receiver for our Mighty Mini Trainer fine. And my son was enjoying moving the control surfaces around and making the motor blow. However, I didn't want to go fly before setting up the trainer.

So I configure the model to have Internal Module on in Multi -> DSM_RX mode. Then I hit Bind and hold down Trainer switch on the DX5e and turn on. The flashing LEDs makes me think that it is in bind mode correctly, but I can't move past this. Am I not in a working config? I may have wasted $40 on this radio, but hoped it would work for wireless trainer. Anything I'm missing here?