Howdy from Western Michigan

So I'm about to set the hook and I figured I might as well jump on here and see if you guys can't give me some pointers.

I somehow stumbled upon flite test on youtube (I'm pretty sure it was the 30ft foam airplane video) and have watched too many hours of fun since then. The kids love it too! Speaking of which, I have a lot of kids...

So with a soon to be 6 year old (who wanted an airplane two years ago for his birthday - we got one, but even I can't fly it)... I'm on the verge of ordering the Mighty Mini Trainer Speed Build Kit, a Zorro 4-in-1 Transmitter, a receiver... etc. and got frustrated that I couldn't figure out what all the different options are for all of the different components. So while I wait for a response to my e-mail, maybe you guys can chip in and tell me where I can find some explanation to my questions.

...and maybe some day I can redeem myself (after crashing my dads balsa trainer into a tree 15 years ago... oh what a horrid noise that made... I wish I could forget that sound!) and get to the point where I can help my dad dust off his F4 Corsair and go tear up the sky!

Link to my post with all my newbie questions.
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I responded to your other question, but I can relate to the thud. That’s the really great thing about foam planes. The thuds don’t cost much. In RC flight, people learn to laugh off the crashes because it’s an inevitable part of the hobby.

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Welcome to the forums. I’m also a S.A.D. member 🙁
Here is a video that may help pick a first plane