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Hubsan h170d battery not charging

Battery not charging properly? The red light on the USB charger is always on even when the battery has been charging for 3+ hours. The battery is not even getting warm or anything. When I plug it into the drone I only get about 3 minutes flight time. Is this normal? Only about 2 times the light went off on the charger showing that its done charging and got about 5-6 mintues of flight time. Can someone please help?

Im not sure if its the battery or the charger


Master Tinkerer
Can I see a picture? Also, is the battery something you could replace? It's possible that it's just dead, and won't hold a full charge; thus why the charger never says it's "done".


Troll Spammer
Have you tried using a different USB port or brick with the charger? I find those USB chargers to be quite slow. A low current USB port just aggravates it.



Master Tinkerer
Those kinds of chargers don't look strictly "reliable". It could be the charger, and/or the battery. How long have you run the battery? I don't think that using it for less than 2 months, even if storing it fully charged or completely empty would cause it to fail on the charger…

How long have you had this? What states did you story the LiPo (dead, full, mid)? do you have any way to check the voltage of the battery?
I think the battery was dead when it came I put it in the charger and the light was red showing it is charging so i just left it but it never charged. I've only had it for a few days. Also I said it was a two cell battery I was wrong its a one cell. It also says on the battery 3.7volts and on thhe transmitter it says my battery is 3.7volts but im only getting alot less flight time is supposed to get