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hy-j3 problem

Hi all I have built the HY-J3 Tricopter , have reached the point where I am connecting to Libre pilot and going through the set up ,I have reached the stage where you power up a motor using libre pilot and you tell it to stop as soon as the motor starts to turn, if that makes sense I am sure you will know what I mean unfortunately the motor will not power up , I am using a CC3D flight controller, strangely enough when I connect the battery to motors do twitch and the ESC's do make a sound so my question is , what have I done wrong? does the cc3d required its own power supply from the power distribution board? I notice the the connectors coming from the ESC's to the flight controller only have 2 wires ( black & white) but the flight controller has three pins any help would be very much appreciated as it would prevent me from losing any more of the little hair I have leftthanks