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I call it the X2 Trident


Junior Member
Hello everyone, this is my very first post on the forum and I just wanna say thanks to all the guys at flitetest for this great site and the great videos on youtube. Well I should probably now introduce my plane. Designed and built it myself out of foam board bought from my school art supply store. Oh I should probably mention I live in China, originally from Barbados but I'm studying Automotive Engineering here in the PRC. The plane is a forward swept elevon controlled plane running a 2212 1400kv motor, 30A ESC and 8060 prop. Lemme know what you guys think. This is the second Prototype the first one used the power pod from my delta wing swappable.

DSC_0817.jpg DSC_0828.jpg DSC_0831.jpg DSC_0836.jpg DSC_0841.jpg DSC_0846.jpg DSC_0847.jpg DSC_0852.jpg DSC_0854.jpg DSC_0856.jpg DSC_0858.jpg

Thanks hope you guys like and can comment, give opinion and ideas.