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I crashed... I crashed hard.

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well, today brought the end to my first plane. We're been through a bit together in the short time we had. Today, sadly though, this was beyond what I thought was repairable.

that is a motor mount with firewall still attached after a near perfect vertical dive onto a road! The motor shaft moved back about 3mm as well.

The motor still runs ok, but I think the bearings may not have liked it too much, it seems a little grumbly now.

I was worried about the speed control, as it was mounted on the firewall, behind the motor and the engine mount crushed onto it. The ESC started up ok, and seems to work, but not sure I can trust it fully, as the heat sink on it is a little deformed, and the PCB with all the FETs on it is a little deformed too.

The rest of the plane was pretty trashed, it got a large crack about half way round the fuse just behind the wing root, one wing was torn off (not that hasn't happened many a time before) and taken a fair chunk of fuse with it.

On autopsy, the elevator may have failed mid fight as it was cracked nearly all around the control horn, moving reasonably freely. It was a bit breezy when I was flying it, and I was making a lot of fast movements to keep on top of the wind.

Oh well.... so, new plane on the horizon!



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thats the right mentality... never give up. the end of something can always be the beginning of something new, so good luck with your next plane!

But can you show us some pics of the plane itself?
And good luck with your next plane :)


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Wow that motor mount seems to have taken quite a hit!

I´m terribly sad for your loss, but well can we do except from buying another one :D

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The battery, seen here hasn't puffed up or gotten hot, but I don't think I'll be using it again


I'll take a few pics of what's left of the plane when I get home.
The shaft moving back 3mm is ok, id replace the bearings and reassemble the motor, with the Park 480's the shaft is removable after you remove the real locking ring and loosen the front grub screw.

If you have the 2 bearings on hand and another shaft, she will be as good as new in 15 mins.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
That will make the motor run nice and smoothly again but the motormount seems to be unrepairable. You´ll have to figure something out to build yourself an own mount.

Right now nothing came into my mind how you could possibly do that.

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as promised, more pics:

I started cutting out a BF109 last night, from here I made the full size plans, and realised that it was huge! so I made them at 50%.

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It wasn't the wing coming off, that's happened plent of times, nor was it the crack in the fuse, it was the firewall being torn out that made me think it was game over. As usual, I've had been waiting for a good flying day weather wise, it had been a bit gusty for a while, and I finally decided to just go fly anyway. Well now that I don't have a plane, it's been calm every day!

You can always glue the plane back together, if you dont think the motor mount is salvageable ( I think it is ), try and straighten it to get some dimentions off it and make one out of ply. adjust your CoG and get back in the air Man !!
the best thing about planes that crashed hard before is that you are not afraid to crash them again because you already went through that process, so those planes are good to try new things you would not dare with a model that has no flaw on it yet...


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NAM, that is quite a mess ;-)

I've had (who didn't) crashes like these.
You can also use throw-away packing foam from other products.
Cut out what you need to replace and use hot glue.

New motor mount : many options :

Or others that HK carries depending on the size you need.
Just cut and glue in a 4mm piece of ply wood as fire wall + some M3 bolts and M3 lock nuts.

And get rid of that LiPo !

(LOL "Nose Landing Specialist")


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OUCH! New plane it is then, I kinda like the repair challenge after a crash.. not really a great deal you can do with what's left thou eh... so... exciting.. what do you want next? :applause:


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OUCH! New plane it is then, I kinda like the repair challenge after a crash.. not really a great deal you can do with what's left thou eh... so... exciting.. what do you want next? :applause:

I would really like a nice corsair, but Im not a good enough pilot yet to spend that much on one with bells and whistles. I might get a bixler, but currently about 75% through a scratch build of a little bf109f messeschmitt. I was going to use the gear from this plane.

I found that one of the aileron servos had a stripped gear. not sure if that happend during the crash or when I was disassembling.



More combat please...
...nice corsair...
The Parkzone Corsair is a nice plane. Not quite a trainer but definitely manageable if you are a little past the beginner stage. Flies GREAT. My son has one, took the gear off and belly lands in the grass. Hopefully the guys will review one on here soon.