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I had a lot trouble to log in

I tried so many times, finally log in.
Last week, I registered, but cannot log in after many times try.
This week, I registered again, it remind me that I didn't registered successfully since I didn't accept forum regulation. lol
The remind is so tiny, I must missed it last week.
finally, I log in, haha lol


Junior Member
i cant log in on the home screen... i have to come in to the forum before i can log in
something might be wrong but at least we both have managed to log in lol


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member

There are three (really four :p ) separate accounts on flitetest.com. One for the forum, one for the main site (articles, mostly), and one for the store. There's also a fourth site called FTGroups.com that's run by FT, but at a different address.

They can all have the same username (assuming someone hasn't claimed your choice only on another site) and all have the same password (as far as I know), and be logged into all four at the same time, but you will have to register and log in to each separately.

The guys are quite aware of the issue, but they have yet to find a good way to migrate all four authentication servers into one without a good certainty of success. As annoying as it is to have four separate logins, having the site collapse because nobody can get in would be worse.