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Hi ,

How are you guys. I hope you are having a good day. My name is Lucas Paul. I have some questions about a project that my sister is going to do for school mark and she wanted my help. My idea is to turn a RC car into a flying car. My goal is to make the RC car fly using one of your build which is the FT SLICE build. The one you use to make a wing using a pizza box.

Here is my question.

I am planning to add 3 brushless motor in to this project. 2 in the front , and 1 at the back. The problem is how should I make a circuit using a MATEK XT-60 power distribution board. This is for my sister final examination mark and I am doing this for my YouTube channel. So it's very important for me and my sister. Plus I am from Malaysia . I hope you guys read this mail as soon as possible. It would be easy if you guys can show me in a pdf ...Thanks


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Each brushless motor would need its own ESC, you would connect each ESC in parallel (your board is setup to do this, each ESC connect to 1 set of + - pads).

If you haven't flown a plane yet, your likely going to have a very hard time getting this to fly. Flying wings (which is what a FT Slice - at least if I remember correctly) are harder to fly then a traditional style plane (which is what a trainer typically will look like). Also, the FT slice (what I remember from it), was designed around a specific scale and would need some design adjustments if it was going to be scaled up to a size that could carry a typical RC car.

here is are a few examples were someone did do what your talking about:


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well I already watch PeterSripol video....but the thing is I need a guide of the electronics.......PeterSripol didn't do in his video .....that's why I am here...i want to do like him but how to do it that is my question.
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The eletronics diagram is the same as any other twin motor plane.