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New member
Ok, so I have a few ideas that may or may not have been tried before.
1) You guys said in an older video, that you wanted a car/plane. So how about this...
Start with the truck ( or the Losi car) you guys dropped from the cargo plane. Take and make a wing that is about 40 inch span,(it may take a twin tail for stability ) and using a system like you use for dropping bombs and set it so you can fly the setup as a plane, but as you come into land, you can hit a switch and the wing will drop off and the truck can then drive off. Supporting the trucks weight will take a bit of carbon spar rods glued to the top inside of the body with zip ties for loops going through the top.
2) This will take a a bit more computer work then I have available. I will try and be clear about my idea here. You have had a few EDF's that are pretty fast, but are not VTO. So how about this. Take a EDF motor and move it forward in the plane. Then take and set up a flap system inside just behind it so that as you take off, the air is directed down. As you rise up, you hit the switch, flip the flaps and is starts going forward. The flap system needs to be on a timed switch so the transfer of air is smooth from down, to rear of the plane. The inside of the ducted area will have to be curved so the air moves faster. If the EDF is set about a 30* or so angle, it should help if the flaps can be set up right.
I hope this clear enough. Just an old timer thinking out loud.