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-we HOPE AND EXPECT the plane will be available for sale @ FF to everyone
Fair enough. As I said, I have tons of patience and love for the FF Team. I'm glad they are making progress in getting the perks out the door. I eagerly check for my perks to arrive any day. I just hope they don't release the plans/kits to everyone before they take care of all the Founders. I think that was the spirit of the campaign.


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I just hope they don't release the plans/kits to everyone before they take care of all the Founders. I think that was the spirit of the campaign.
I hope they don't do that because of the community stink it would cause. Personally, it wouldn't bother me at all - getting the plane first wasn't an attraction for me - but I do understand it was an attraction for others.
Before you read this understand that I didn't order the founders plane and I will also be attending FFO.

If I see the founders plane show up at FFO before on the forums I will be shocked. It is unlike Flite Test to disappoint when it comes to deadlines or promises, besides the power pack c warbird revising. But it will be even more shocking if they don't make it up to the founders if they don't get their planes. Two days ago I got an esc from flite test that burned up almost immediately. After submitting a report to customer support they sent me a new one no questions asked and almost immediately. Point is Flite Test cares about their customers like none other. They are attempting to change locations, host and enormous rc event, ship out founders planes, release a new plane, and run a youtube channel all at once right now. If there was a way for them to get your planes to you soon I'm sure they would.


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I may get a little angry if i see somebody scratch building one at FFO when i havent got my indiegogo one yet......
Update: Flite Test has been working hard behind the scenes to make the Founders Edition Plane a very special release. Part of that, is the new aluminum landing gear. The gear has been custom designed for the FT Legacy. There were some material thickness and quality issues that caused some production delays with the supplier. The landing gear issues are the reason for the long delay in finishing the kits. The good news is, the landing gear arrived this week and the Founders Edition (FT Legacy) speed build kits should start shipping very soon. In fact most, if not all, should be shipped out by next week.


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Yeah i didnt mean i was going to get triggered or anything, im just excited to get it and seeing people at flitefest when im not is depressing enough lol
I get it, it's the perk level I donated for as well. But...the donation was the important part for me. The rewards are just the icing on the cake. Being a part of Edgewater Airpark was the reason I donated.
On slightly another topic, keeping informed on these "perks" if what I am reading elsewhere, is illusive at best. Like others have mentioned, I was informed they were updating the Facebook group "Edgewater Airpark Founders Group". This as I understand it is the "official" conduit for information and updates... but I have been there and clicked "Join" twice now, with no response. The first time several weeks back, and again more recently... and this time it says, like it did last time "Pending"... There are only 768 members of this FB Group, and I wonder what the total number of "founders" is? I have read, and continue see on different forums, i.e. "Fans of Flite Test" the same yearning to know what the status is.... I have even contacted FT Support and asked, and they responded kindly, but still nothing in the mail ( email/snail mail, etc.). My biggest concern, and no, I didn't donate or contribute just for the perks... it is a most worthy cause and would have contributed regardless... but I have been wanting to attend Flite Fest for a number of years, and thought this might just be the best opportunity I have have! I would love to know, if/when they are going to send the tickets/ pilot pass, or something letting me know I will be able to attend. After all...

PS - please don't blame Stefan... he gets blamed enough, I know, I blame him for most everything that goes wrong! ;-)
I know what it is like to be the "designated scapegoat" and feel that's just wrong. I truly do appreciate all that the Flite Test family have done and are doing, not just for the hobby, or the community, but in these times where there is so much wrong in our world, they offer a sanctuary to escape to and be able to just have fun and enjoy life a little. Their persona, is refreshing, and I'm sure the overwhelming success they have come to realize can and has been ... well... overwhelming. So I'm not complaining, I completely understand, it's like the Robertson's with "Duck Dynasty", an idea, passion, and dreams that have gone way beyond comprehension... Kudo's for all the success, it is well deserved, and please keep the faith!


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I would love to know, if/when they are going to send the tickets/ pilot pass, or something letting me know I will be able to attend.
@r2wjax you should have gotten an email with your registration code already. Check your junk and spam folders. If not, you should definitely contact Austin Furey and we will get you sorted out. If you need his contact info PM me and I will get it to you.


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hey everybody!

Just gonna pop in here to touch base with all of you! ;)

Shipping Founders planes this week and hopefully be able to get them all to you by next week! As Dan had said the big hold up/issue was with landing gear. We have resolved that and also have resolved some shipping issues.

Also, something I wanted to address is the talk about Founders planes at FF and selling em after FF etc. We have decided to get the planes out to you guys this week(building by next week for you all hopefully) and then also ONLY have them sold at Flite Fest for those who have gone through the effort to attend the event etc. The main premise of the Founders plane was to shoot the episode AT FLITE FEST with all of the founders and as many Legacy planes as possible. That is still the goal. Once FF is over, there will be an in stock notify on the store for a specified time period (multiple weeks/months) until they go on sale to the general public, and we will keep everyone posted on what that date is at a later date.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience and working through all of this with us! It has been challenging, but also very informative and a great learning experience! I hope to continue to update you all with anything, but also hopefully see most or at least some of you at FLITE FEST in a few weeks! ;)