I'm back plus 100in wing stick plane


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Haven't had time lately and have been taking a break from the forums why I haven't been on. So my dad has this 23 year old gws stick plane that I am learning on now. So I found this oak stick and did th scaling it was 280% so I went and built the tail and put it on the end of the stick. I am having to say all of this now because I am really bad at posting on here about projects and updates. Then we got all the electronics a power pack c raidail and two 19g servos no allerons made mounting plates for everything and put it on for the wing I am using two 200% ez glider wing with opposite tips chopped off. I am using this wing because it is a great wing and was the right size for scale. I painted the wing and some of the tail after making the wires look nice and making a custom power pod. The next the I will do is asimble the wing with a wooden spar. And do some more painting. I will post some updates with pictures along the way. If you have any questions I will try to answer them as well as possible.