I'm Building a Space Shuttle (Rocket-Powered)


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The Space Shuttle was pretty cool, so I've decided to start a bit of a YouTube series on trying to recreate the Space Shuttle Program with R/C and model rockets. It's not going to be easy, but I'm going to have a good shot at it!

This video should explain more about the mission and the plan.

Since these first steps, we've also built a science plane to drop the Space Shuttle model. Here are its first flights.

After getting everything ready with the science plane, building some drop mechanisms, and modding the orbiter, we dropped the Space Shuttle to test it at a similar altitude (of around 400ft) to where it will be after detaching from the rocket-powered Space Shuttle Stack (booster). It was a lot of fun to film!

Make sure to follow this thread to get updates. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
- James.


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Fun project! I remember building an Estes Space Shuttle rocket back in the 80's that came down in a circular glide instead of via parachute by partially ejecting the motor back to a catch hook and changing the CG/CP relationship just right. You're going a good ways beyond that here and it's going to be fun to follow along! :D


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This will be fun to watch. That's going to be touchy to fly that shuttle but the way you are going I think you'll have this all down to a "SCIENCE"😁