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I'm not a good poppa bear...


Master Of The P-40's
Beacause both of my cubs have been crashed,
First time flying 2 days in a row in a while and both days ended up with me having to tear them apart.

Smaller cub, still not too sure what happened, went into a spiral and SMASHED the firewall to bits. (Previous owner also did a shoddy repair job, after me taking it apart, I'm kind glad I did, one whole half of the fuselage was loose)

Big Opaque yellow cub, wind gust caught me on my final and inverted me, didn't have enough altitude not elevator throw to save it, although I did make it not faceplant, just jam the wingtip ,an inner part of the spar, and rip the LG off.

Pile of balsa on the right is from the smaller cub, one on the left from the bigger one

Oh well, stuff happens.
Now to nurse my cubs back to health!


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Flyer Of Many Things
It almost sounds like you had those planes setup a little tail-heavy. I've found that flying park-flyer type planes, that being "nose-heavy" is closer than what the manual says. This is just a suggestion and I don't know if that is a cause but good luck on repairing those things.


Master Of The P-40's
I checked both of them and they were spot on the recommended cg (by users, not manuals)

Both of them had a good flight right before they crashed, I just need more practice lol