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Which goggles? There are many different types.
The Spektrum ones are fairly basic.
The best cheaper goggles for glasses are the Viper V2’s which are on sale on Banggood right now. If you have Fatsharks you need to get lens inserts for them which cost $$ vs putting something over your existing glasses. Cheaper box goggles like the Eachine 600 or 800 will fit over some pairs but will often fog.
Some long sighted glasses wearers may be fine with FPV goggles.
It’s a good case for physically trying some goggles to see what is comfy and works best with your glasses or vision.
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That’s just the standard Spektrum box goggles with the screen. Some glasses will fit under them but they have no fan on. I would want to try a pair on to see if it was useable for me first. I have astigmatism so I know how important it is to get the goggles right.

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I am far sighted and wear glasses. I have the FXT Viper V2 and they fit well over my glasses and the picture i really good
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The Fatshark style goggles will not fit over glasses. I wear glasses myself and have had this issue. However, I'm also nearsighted, so the Fatsharks are great for me; I'm looking at something that's right in front of my face, and I can see great.

My first pair of FPV goggles, though, were the Quanum Cyclops goggles. They fit over MOST glasses without an issue at all. I say MOST because I have one pair of glasses where the frames are very wide, and they caught on the corners of the foam, so every time I took the goggles off, my glasses went with it. Easy solution, I performed some minor surgery on the sides, removed the bits of foam where they were catching on my glasses, and voila!

The Quanum Cyclops V2's that I have, they're not the best goggles. But, for $60, they are good enough to start out with. :)